Troll Face Quest

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Troll Face Quest is a series of video games inspired by the Trollface meme. Starting out in 2011, it was at first a Flash game created by PPLLAAYY. The studio later partnered with Spil Games, who expanded the series into mobile games in 2015. The gameplay uses humorous and tricky puzzles that don't have clear-cut solutions, requiring the player to think of less obvious answers.

Trollface Quest 4

After all the levels are beaten, the Trollfaced athlete drowns his sorrows because he lost the Olympics.

Troll Face Quest: Video Games

To pass Level 1 (which spoofs Angry Birds), the pig has to eat the bird and then pop.

Troll Face Quest: Video Games 2

To pass Level 3 (which spoofs Tomb Raider), the Lara Croft look-alike has to become too fat to jump over the gap.

To pass Level 13 (which spoofs Tetris), the man has to eat all the falling blocks.

To pass Level 14 (which spoofs, the worm has to eat its way up the fishing rod and devour the fisherman.

Troll Face Quest: USA Adventure

One way to fail Level 14 is by making the boxer resembling Mike Tyson eat his opponent who resembles Muhammad Ali.

Troll Face Quest: Silly Test

To pass Level 3, one pigeon has to eat all the others.

To pass Level 22, a second bust must come down and the pigeon has to eat it.

Troll Face Quest: Game of Trolls

Level 8 features a dragon that swells up before expelling fire. Breathing fire on the two men results in failing, but farting on the Daenerys look-alike results in passing.

Troll Face Quest: USA Adventure 2

To pass Level 8, the characters resembling Colonel Sanders and Ronald McDonald have to feed all their fast food to a previously unseen man, making him grossly fat.

To pass Level 10, the lone cheerleader has to become bulky and bowl over the others.

Troll Face Quest: Silly Test 2

To pass Level 4, the pig has to be brought past the door to the wolf, who will inflate him.

To pass Level 14, the singer's body has to explode.

Troll Face Quest: Video Memes 2

One way to fail Level 15 is to make the man eat his cereal, which turns him fat.