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Angry Birds is a Finnish and American video game franchise created by Rovio Entertainment Corporation in December 11, 2009. Aside from the main games, there are also spinoffs, comics, animated series, and more. The premise is about a group of birds called: Red, The Blues (Jake, Jim and Jay), Chuck, Bomb, Matilda, Hal, Terence, Bubbles and Stella, who set out to get back the eggs stolen from them by their enemies, the pigs who plan to feed them to their king. They do this by launching themselves at the pigs' structures via slingshot.

Original game

In the game there is a character named Bubbles, who had the power to inflate.

Angry Birds Space

Bubbles makes a comeback with a new look.

Angry Birds GO!

Bubbles’ story has him inflating to be bigger than a balloon tied up to him.

Angry Birds Toons

Night of the Living Pork (S01Ep33)

Zombie pigs attack King Pig's giant pile of candy. Later Bubbles Trick or Treats King Pig's house, only to fight the zombie pigs and saves the night.




Bubbles gets angry and inflates when King Pig takes a piece of candy away from him.



Sweets of Doom

While trying to get a piece of candy from king pig, Bubbles inflates to slow him down. 


As Porkula is biting Bubbles, Bubbles inflates which causes Porkula to inflate as well. 

The Angry Birds Movie

The third trailer shows two instances of Bubbles inflating.

When Chuck, Red, and Bomb are going to the Mighty Eagle's Mountain, they find him with a big potbelly, not with muscles, patting it when he appears in the mirror.

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Samantha and Vincent have an idea. They blow Zoe into a balloon to get the eggs of the clouds, but they end up in space, then a rope on Zoe's beak got untied by a satellite pole then she deflates and they goes down to earth super fast.


Static Cling

Bubbles gets slingshot up by the storm cloud uses his big inhale to suck up the storm, causing him to inflate into the electric balloon.