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Skylanders Logo.png
Genre Platformer
Platform iOS
Microsoft Windows
Nintendo consoles
PlayStation consoles
Xbox consoles
Developer Toys for Bob
XPEC Entertainment
Vicarious Visions
Country United States
Release date October 13, 2011 (first release)

Skylanders is a video game franchise published by Activision, partially as a reboot of Spyro the Dragon. It is also what popularized the toys-to-life genre, which was followed by other entries such as Disney Infinity, LEGO Dimensions, and Nintendo amiibo features. The player takes the role of a Portal Master who sends heroes, each being one of several elements, into the world of Skylands via the Portal of Power. In this world, they must stop the plans and forces set by Kaos, an evil Portal Master.

Skylanders: Giants

In the fight against the Chompy Mage, he can be tricked into inhaling En Fuego Chompies, which explode inside him and cause damage.

In Bouncer's Heroic Challenge (Blobbers' Folly), Blobbers eats too much food and bloats into a ball shape. He has to be rolled to the exit and can be used to attack enemies.

Skylanders: Trap Team

Gusto has the ability to inhale air and enemies.