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Onegai My Melody is an anime series based on Sanrio's My Melody character. It ran from 2005 to 2009 with a new show every Spring, until it was succeeded by similar Sanrio property Jewelpet. The series consists of five story arcs, My Melody, KuruKuru Shuffle, Sukkiri♪, Kirara★ and High School~, following My Melody as she teams up with her human friends to stop the Spirit of Dark Power.

My Melody

I Wish They Could Be Lucky! (S01E32)

Miki is made fat as one of many results of good luck charms given by a fortune teller.


Refreshed and Bursting!? (S01E08)

Flat controls a machine that turns citizens including Kuromi, baku, yumeno uta and king into the shape of popcorn.

Refreshed with Spice!? (S01E26)


King drinks a lot of water from a pond, causing him to be hugely bloated to water some plants