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Jewelpet Twinkle☆
Jewelpet Sunshine
Jewelpet Kira☆Deco
Jewelpet Happiness
Lady Jewelpet
Jewelpet: Magical Change
Jewelpet:Attack Chance!?
Genre Comedy
Magical girl
Directed by Nanako Sasaki
Takashi Yamamoto
Takayuki Inagaki
Makoto Moriwaki
Hiroaki Sakurai
Itsuro Kawasaki
Nobuhiro Kondo
Studio Studio Comet (S01-S06)
Zexcs (S06)
Studio DEEN (S07)
Original run April 5, 2009 - present

Jewelpet is an ongoing series of anime TV shows based on the Japanese media franchise of the same name created by Sanrio and Sega Toys. Beginning in 2009, the lineup consists of different story arcs with a different heroine in each one: Rinko Kougyoku (Jewelpet), Akari Sakura (Twinkle☆), Kanon Mizushirou (Sunshine), Pink Oomiya (Kira☆Deco!) and Chiari Tsukikage (Happiness).

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Ruby's Making Cookies Yay! (S03E06a)

Kanon fails to make cookies perfectly and stress-eats them all until Ruby confronts her.

Ruby and Sapphy Yay! (S03E16)

Ruby eats too much pudding and gets bloated.

Desert Island Survival? Yay! (S03E17)

Hinata and the Jewelpets appear stuffed from a pile of tropical food. Directly afterwards, Gakuto Waniyama stuffs himself eating part of an apple tree whole.

Dragon Land Yay! (S03E18)

The Jewelpets are fattened on their stay in Dragon Land, not knowing that the king and queen want to eat them.

Pirate's Treasure Yay! (S03E19)

The Jewelpets are still fat during the beginning of this episode. (It's hard to tell from the previous episode "Dragon Land Yay!")

Summer, Love and Adventure! Yay! (S03E20)

It's Valentines! Yay! (S03E45)

Kanon eats all of her failed Valentine's chocolates, which resemble her failed cookies.


Twice the Fun!? Deco! (S04E05)

The gang finds a Rainbow Egg, which doubles in size, hatches and reveals a chick with a similar appearance to Kiichi. The chick, Kiichiro, cooks the gang food that makes them gain weight. When the chick has grown up to be a chicken, the gang is seen under a tree, having eaten food that makes them so fat they end up egg-shaped.

Stolen!? Deco Stone Deco! (S04E13)

The gang appears to be overfilled after eating some giant flytraps and a tree.

A Big Discovery While Hiking Deco! (SO4E26)

The gang eats giant picnic food while observing a battle.

Call Me Princess Deco! (S04E20)

Ruby and Pink appear very full and satisfied after their special dinner with Garnet.


The Coffee Beans at the Mountain Top~! (S05E20)

Opal drinks too much coffee as Taira tries to get the blend just right

Valentine's Day Roll~ing! (S05E45)

Takumi eats a magical chocolate causes him to inflate into ball and roll uncontrollably.

EK Mens! Ba-Kyu~n! (S05E46)

Chiari and Ruby eat all their Valentines chocolates, looking plump as a result.

Lady Jewelpet

Happy New Year is Part of Being a Lady (S06E39)

Momona remembers a time she couldn't stop eating hot dogs.

Drawing Fortunes For The New Year is Part of Being a Lady (S06E40)

Luea feeds Ruby a lot of food

Magical Change


In a "Currently On the Air" segment, Ruby practices sumo wrestling, but is shocked to discover that she's gained too much weight for her own good.


Sango has opened a bakery, but the other Jewelpets find that there's nothing there - she ate everything.



Laura and Luea stuff themselves with sushi.


In Part A, Airi, Ruby and Sapphy eat food for a celebration, in Part B, Airi appears with a big belly pointed by Ruby.

Attack Chance!?