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Fei Ren Zai (also referred to as Non-Human) is a Chinese webcomic created by Yi Wang Kong Qi in 2015. It was also adapted into an animated web series that began airing in 2018. It follows a group of creatures and deities from Chinese mythology living in modern-day China.


Monday and Dog

Xiao Yu has eaten many pumpkins.

Cooking's All About the Fun.

A cooking competition between Yang Jian and Guanyin leaves Nezha, Red Boy, and Dragon Girl heavily bloated.

My Schedule has been Chaotic, but I've Grown Fatter and Fatter.

Ao Lie has gained weight and has trouble losing it.

There are Many Ways to Lose Weight, But None of Them Suit You

This Diet is Extremely Unscientific. Please Do Not Attempt to Replicate at Home.

Eating oranges and not spitting the peels, spitting peels and not eating oranges

Back to square one again, stupidly standing in front of the mirror

Matcha, matcha, matcha, matcha paradise is right here

Web series

Halloween and a dog's first appearance (E05)

Animated version of the "Monday and Dog" chapter.

Xiao Tian, a Chinese pastoral thunderbolt slim dog (E06)

The amusement park is funny, Mm! (E07)

Ao Lie has apparently swallowed the rocks Jingwei put in his mouth.

Perfect acting got busted (E35)

Losing weight is a long and winding journey (E46)

Work is like winter vacation (E51)

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