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Fatty Fudge was a spin-off strip to Minnie the Minx, appearing in The Beano from 1989 to 1991. The character, originally an occasional foil for Minnie's pranks, took on various starring roles in food themed parodies of popular films, pantomimes, fairy tales and British television shows.


Fatty Fudge in Fish Finger

In a James Bond parody, Fatty's last request is to have all the Fishfingers he can eat, literally eating his nemesis out of house and home.

Fatty Fudge in the Sword in the Scone

Fatty frees the sword in the scone, becoming King of England. He eats all the food in the kingdom, forcing Merlin to use his magic to make more and more.

Fatty Fudge in The Incredible Bulk

Whenever Fatty "gets annoyed", he transforms into the Incredible Bulk, a fatter, greener and meaner persona. He can only return to the nomal with indegestion pills, and is seen with a bloated belly in the final panel.

Fatty Fudge in a Tum-full of Dollops

Fatty enters a bean eating contest and wins, but his powerful burp causes the entire saloon to collapse.

Fatty Fudge in Back to the Freezer

Fatty, as Marty Mcpie, uses his neighbour's time machine to travel four hours in the future and raid his freezer.

Fatty Fudge in 2001 A Space Obesity

Fatty discovers the moon is made of cheese, and devours it whole, becoming Earth's new moon.

Fatty Fudge in Picniccio

Guiseppe's wooden doll becomes a real boy, who quickly fattens himself up. The puppet maker ties him up with pasta to stop him eating everything.

Fatty Fudge in Prawn with the Wind

Fatty gorges himself at a seafood restaurant, making such a scene on his date that his sweet heart breaks up with him. He concludes that his new love is seafood.

Fatty Fudge in 2000 Leeks Under the Sea

In order to reach the ocean floor, Fatty weighs himself down by consuming "elephant size packs" of snacks. He then removes the ship of excess leeky water by turning it into leek soup.

Fatty Fudge in Licence to Fill

Fatty safely disposes of a bomb by swallowing it. It explodes in his stomach, causing it to expand.

Fatty Fudge in Star Tuck

Fatty is transported to a planet where the water are made of beef and tomato soup, and drains an entire lake by drinking it through a straw

Fatty Fudge in the Fatty Awards

Fatty presents an award ceremony where he spontaneously declares himself the self proclaimed winner, as the awards statues are foil wrapped chocolate. He flees the venue with a noticeably stuffed belly.

Fatty Fudge in Slobs Full Tum

Fatty wins an eating contest, causing all the buttons to burst off his shirt.

Fatty Fudge in My Fat Lady

As Proffesor Piggins, Fatty teaches Eliza Eatlittle how to eat as he does. Romances blossoms, but Eliza has become so large that he cannot squeeze more than her arm out the door for the wedding.

Fatty Fudge in Eating Places

After eating several meals based on famous landmarks, Fatty develops a bad stomach ache.

Fatty Fudge's Summer Song Sheet

In a lyric parody of Summer Nights, Fatty meets a girl who feeds him until he is "vast" in size.

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