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Astro Boy (Mighty Atom) is a series made by Osamu Tezuka and his most famous work. Originally a manga in 1952, its first anime adaptation aired in 1963, becoming the first popular anime series worldwide. There are also anime series that were made in 1980 and 2003, a Japanese live action series (titled Mighty Atom) in 1959, and a Western animated film that was made in 2009.

After Dr. Tenma's (Dr. Boynton in the English version) son is killed in a car accident, he creates Astro Boy, a powerful android with his son's appearance. Astro is later sold to the circus because he is unable to physically grow like a human. Eventually, he is adopted by Dr. Ochanomizu (Dr. Elefun/Dr. O'Shay in English) and takes up crime-fighting.


Space Snow Leopard (Chapter 36)

Astro Boy fights Lupe the space leopard, who begins to suck out his energy. Astro retaliates by inflating Lupe with jet exhaust. Later, Lupe swallows one of Astro's robot allies and takes his energy.

1963 anime

The Sphinx (E04)

As Astro Boy fights the robot Sphinx again, his foot gets caught in her mouth, so he inflates her with the rocket.

Unknown episode

Astro Boy gets stuck in sand and frees himself by inflating a creature that bites his leg.

1980 anime

The Snow Leopard (E44)

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