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The Beano
Genre Anthology
Publisher DC Thomson
Country United Kingdom
Original run 30 July 1938 (Weekly Comic) 1949 (Yearly Annuals) - present

The Beano is a long running British Comic published by DC Thomson. Alongside The Dandy, it pioneered in being a children's comic that primarily focussed on humourous comic strips told with speech bubbles rather than captions. Becoming a breakout success during the Second World War, it later gained a reputation for it's anarchical stories focussed on troublemaking kids, becoming a staple of UK pop culture. The Beano is known for such strips as The Bash Street Kids, Rodger the Dodger, Ivy the Terrible, Billy Whizz, Minnie the Minx and most famously Dennis the Menace, which has spawned several cartoon adaptations.

The comic has been published weekly since 1938, with the tradional yearly Christmas anthology annual starting one year later, in 1939.


The Beano Annual 1981

The book opens with a double page spread of Gnasher playing with, and then eating a giant bone.

The Three Bears
The bears trick a delivery man into delivering a large supply of oats to their cave, and Pa stuffs himself with porridge.

The Beano Annual 1987

Pup Parade
Desperate for free treats, Tubby trades places with a chihuahua to trick his owner into thinking he has grown up a big dog. He is spoilt so much he ends up stuffed with a tummy ache.

The Beano Annual 2005

Calamity James
Alexander Lemming stuffs himself with food purchased with James's tooth fairy money.

The Beano Annual 2016

Bubblegum Bert tricks Rodger, Minnie and Dennis into eating "special gum" that causes them to inflate. While trying to save the day, Bananaman is tricked into eating banana gum, and suffers the same fate. Crow pops him down to size, but the kids remain inflated, tethered down as balloons as punishment for their usual unruly behaviour.

Other Anthologies:

A Library of Laugher from the Beano and Dandy

The Bash Street Kids
A reprint of a 1958 strip depicts Teacher experimenting on the Bash Street Kids in a science lab. Several of the pupils emerge inflated, with one popping.

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