The Dandy

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The Dandy
Genre Anthology
Publisher DC Thomson
Country United Kingdom
Original run 4 December 1937 - 4 December 2012 (Physical Comic)
4 December 2012 – 6 June 2013 (online)
1938 - Present (annuals)

The Dandy was a children's anthology comic that holds the title of Britain's longest running comic, with a third-place position worldwide. Once one of the UK's best selling comics, it is known for introducing Korky the Cat and Desperate Dan and later for inheriting Bananaman. The comic and its characters were often portrayed as friendly rivals to The Beano, despite both having been created by DC Thompson and sharing artists.

In an attempt to combat declining sales in the late 2000s, the comic rebranded as the fortnightly The Dandy Xtreme, which had an edgier artstyle and introduced more magazine elements - promoting movies, video games, wrestling and various celebrities. The change was critically panned, and The Dandy comic was discontinued, becoming an online comic with a corresponding app in 2012. This relaunch was also unsuccessful and the service was cancelled six months later. Although weekly comics were no more, The Dandy still recieves the traditional Christmas annual every year, with new comic strips and stories.


The Dandy Annual 2003

The titular character inflates himself with helium in order to blow up a hot air balloon.

The Dandy Annual 2004

Desperate Dan
Dan attempts to go on a hot air balloon ride with Little Bear, but the pilot refuses to let a native on board. As punishment, Dan fills him with hot air from a parliament debate, and uses him as the balloon instead.

The Dandy Annual 2009

Bananaman attempts to fuel up his superform using a mountain of bananas, only to gain weight instead.

The Dandy Annual 2010

In a remake of an earlier 2000s comic strip, General Blight invents bananas made out of pure lard to trick Bananaman. He tests it on Doctor Gloom, and Chief O'Reily also falls victim. The enlarged Bananaman struggles with his new size, bouncing helplessly around town, but manages to capture the villains by trapping them in his fat folds.

After a boring geometry lesson, Jak is accidentally hit in the head with a ladder, and begins hallucinating people as various shapes. The janitor takes the form of a circle.

Puss 'n' Boots'
Puss inflates Boots with ice cream, and pops him with a chocolate flake.

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