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Yo-kai Watch is a multimedia series that came out as a video game in Japan in 2013. It became very popular, gaining an anime series, sequel games, multiple manga series, and other merchandise. It is about a fifth-grader (either a boy or a girl, but a boy in most media forms) who releases a Yo-kai named Whisper and is granted the Yo-kai Watch, a device that can identify various Yo-kai and can be used to stop the ones causing trouble by summoning befriended Yo-kai.


A Yo-kai Food Fight?! featuring Rice Cake Yo-kai Mochismo (Volume 1, Chapter 3)

Yo-kai Swimming Lessons! featuring Butler Yo-kai Whisper (Volume 3, Chapter 15)

Insatiable Hunger! featuring Gluttony Yo-kai Hungorge (Volume 3, Chapter 17)

Summer, the Season for Watermelon!! featuring Watermelon Yo-kai Watermelonyan (Volume 6, Chapter 45)

Bring It On! Yo-kai Sumo! featuring Sumo Lover Yo-kai Mad Mountain (Volume 8, Chapter 71)

Watch Out! Sand Dune Battle! featuring Sand Dune Yo-kai Danke Sand (Volume 11, Chapter 103)

A Sore Loser Yo-kai featuring Impatient Yo-kai K'mon-K'mon (Volume 11, Chapter 104)

Blast Away the Cold! ① (Volume 11, Chapter 109)

Yo-kai Watch (2014 Anime)

Yo-kai Grubsnitch (S01E23b)

Nate summons Hungramps to stop Grubsnitch from making his mother steal from the dinner before his father comes home, but Hungramps makes them both hungry enough to eat it all up.

Springdale Five-Yo: Episode 6 - Prime Suspect (S01E35a)

Whisper eats the cone of an ice cream, not knowing that it held an active bomb.

Springdale Five-Yo: Episode 7 - Imminent Danger Removal (S01E36a)

Similar to the previous episode, Whisper eats a second bomb on purpose to stop the explosion.

Country Folk'll Try Anything Once: The Ramen Stand (S01E75a)

Country Folk'll Try Anything Once: The Gym (S01E76a)

Yo-kai Romance of the Three Kingdoms: Finale (S02E45d)

Yo-kai Watch♪ (2021 Anime)

The Strongest Arm-Wrestling Showdown! (E46a)

Strengthening himself to beat his classmates (unknowingly enhanced by strong Yo-kai) in arm-wrestling, Nate trains with Sumodon and gains a sumo-like physique.

Charge! All-You-Can-Eat Barbecue! (E61a)

Nate, Whisper, Jibanyan, Lily and Aaron end up eating too much at a barbecue restaurant.