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World of Quest is a Canadian animated series created by Jason Kruse that aired between March 15, 2008 to September 9, 2009. The series is based off a graphic novel (which was also based off a short comic) written by Kruse and parodies the fantasy genre, including swords, sorcery and technology.

The cartoon follows the adventures of Prince Nestor and his sidekick Quest as they team up to defend their kingdom when Nestor's parents are abducted, meeting allies along the way.

No Prophet, No Gain (S01E05a)

Way has a cold, preventing her from guiding the team, and inflates whenever she sneezes.

Musta Been Something Graer Ate (S02E05a)

As Graer ate the food that was actually Lord Spite's trap, he ended up with parasites who are able to eat him alive in his stomach, causing him to have infinite hunger and eating all the food supply. Anna casted a shrinking spell on Nestor, Quest and Gatling to get rid of the parasites. However, Lord Spite sent Ogun there as well. Right when they finished, they started to grow back, causing Graer's belly to grow as well. However, thanks to Anna tickling him he managed to sneeze them all out.