Tokyo Pig

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Tokyo Pig
Genre Comedy
Production company Group TAC, SPE Visual Works
Country Japan
Original run July 3, 1997 - September 19, 1998

Tokyo Pig is an anime series based on the Japanese picture book series Fair, then Partly Piggy. The series followed the adventures of Spencer Weinberg-Takahama who discovers that whatever he writes in his journal becomes real, starting when he draws a picture of a pig in his journal which he adopts as his pet and names Sunny. Together, the two have many amazing adventures brought to life by Spencer's uncontrollable imagination.

Invasion of the Pig Clones (Koganei Musashi-kun is Bad) (E02)

Wigstaff creates an army of clones of Sunny, but the clones end up going out of control, with one of the clones clamping itself to Wigstaff's head and swallowing him whole, ending up bloating up afterwards.