The Genie Family

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The Genie Family
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Genre Comedy
Directed by Hiroshi Sasagawa
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Original run October 5, 1969 - September 27, 1970

The Genie Family (Hakushon Daimaō) is an anime series that released in 1969, produced by Tatsunoko Production and running from October 1969 to the following September with 52 episodes. The premise is that a boy named Kan comes across an ancient bottle that holds two genies. Sneezing summons the clumsy genie Hakushon Daimaō, while yawning summons his mischievous daughter Akubi. They have to grant the wishes of the summoner, but things never go as planned. An English dub titled Bob in a Bottle was produced by Saban Entertainment in the 1990s.

A revival produced by Tatsunoko Production and Nippon Animation was released in 2020, airing for 20 episodes. Taking place 50 years later, the whimsically troublesome genies go on to befriend young Kantarō Yodayama, the grandson of Kan from the previous series.

In between the two series are spin-offs focusing on Akubi. Yobarete Tobedete! Akubi-chan ran between 2001 and 2002 with 26 episodes. Akubi Girl ran in 2006 with 26 episodes also.

1969 original

It's A Dog's Life (E01b)


Ninja Kung-Foolery (E38a)


2020 remake

The Genie Family
Genre Comedy
Directed by Atsushi Nigorikawa
Studio Tatsunoko Production
Nippon Animation
Original run April 11, 2020 - September 26, 2020

Flatulent Puta, Rampage! Story (E02)


Akubigirl's Sweets