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The Big Girl, or The Fatty Girl, is a saga of Chinese independent short films produced by Wisher that started in 2010 and as of July 2014 consists of eight chapters.

These shorts are animation/live-action hybrids that follow a small, overweight princess who tries to get back in shape with the help of the prince who dumped her and the villain who cursed her but not without undergoing some bizarre challenges first.

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Part 1

A small, animated princess named Cinderella ends up in someone's room and attempts to save her prince, a black man with an afro, from Devil, who is a muscular, shaven man with puffy lips, two small bat wings, pink horns, flowers for nipples and women's underwear with a skull on place. With his wand he puts a curse on Cinderella that makes her fat. However, this does not make her any less agile. When she finally saves her prince, she is rejected for her body. A message fades in, saying "Will you still love me the same as before if I was a fatty?"


Part 2

Having being dumped, Cinderella bribes Devil to get her to look thin again so that her prince will love her again. Devil agrees and asks her to get the wand he lost but has other plans - he tries to kill her in a variety of ways, but ends up getting hurt himself until Cinderella saves him from some flying tacks with a pencil and pliers by inhaling and ballooning up to bounce them off her belly. Unfortunately she can't do anything about the rolling durian, so she just ends up bruised. Devil gives up killing her and reforms after being saved, so he devises a plan for him and Cinderella to get back the wand, a task that only Cinderella is agile enough to complete. She pulls it out and lends it back, but the measuring tape she used to get back down safely falls down and knocks her unconscious. Instead of changing her back, Devil just runs away.


Part 3

Cinderella regains consciousness and tries to find Devil, who is trying to get his broken horn fixed. He sends a green, fuzzy creature out of the computer desktop to see if that helps. After several attempts and punishments, the prince is seen doing a butt dance but thanks to a transition is spotted by Cinderella and Devil. A chase ensues that sends them falling out of the house and bouncing into another room. Cinderella and the green creature find the prince and Devil in a poster for The Incredibles, on a television screen (they are horrified when they see Devil re-enacting Sailor Moon), on an iPad and on two bags that the green creature burns with a lighter to get them out. Cinderella tries to get the prince back but he ditches her again, pushing her against some fruit and vegetables. The green creature and Devil are furious over the prince for this, but when Cinderella asks Devil to change her back, he denies the offer. This leads of a tug of war which breaks the wand.

In a flashback, it is revealed that Devil is the son of a demon king and an angel, who put an end to the power of evil with love and merged her wand with the king's pitchfork, passing this new wand over to their son. Back to the present day, the wand shatters and puts a curse on the prince and all the fruit and vegetables, turning the prince into a pig and bringing the fruit and vegetables to life. Chaos ensues as robots made out of electrical appliances, like the one Devil used to attack Cinderella in the first short, begin to attack the fruit and vegetables as well as the prince, who gets stuck. Cinderella tries to help him but is beaten up by the robot. Approached by the radio robot, the prince easily escapes to let a gang of oranges out and fall down, like in Cinderella's dreams, to rescue her and break down the robots with the help of an apple, whose one true love was pushed off and eaten by a dog, causing him to train hard enough to become a pear, resembling a more muscular shape. When the robots are defeated, Cinderella spots the pear's fitness tracker, but when she begins to reach it she passes away from the injury.


Part 4

In the first short where the characters talk, Cinderella wakes up in what appears to be emptiness apart from a gigantic door that leads to a marketplace where spirits of the dead communicate with each other on a path leading to the backside of a rubber duck with a floating speech bubble saying "welcome to hell". Back on Earth, the prince and Devil are trying to cure her as she rests in a coma, though some of their attempts, including a Chinese method involving needles and shock therapy, turn out to be even more dangerous than they look. In "hell", an old lady offers Cinderella a green bean pie and talks about her daughter, how she might have fallen in love and how loved ones cannot be seen after death.

Devil tries to wake Cinderella up, giving her the nickname "fatty girl". While attempting to wake her up, the prince eats some durian candy (durian is a fruit known for its strong odor) and comes face-to-face with a durian born from Devil's magic after the robots were defeated. The durian destroys everything in its path while chasing the prince as the Devil tries to save him. The prince wishes for "fatty girl" to come back. Devil and the prince escape from the house and carry "fatty girl" to the nearest hospital they can find. Meanwhile, the pear has similar feelings for the loss of his apple girlfriend, so he pear draws a feminine face onto a fresh, idle apple and sits next to it.


Part 5

During the last part, Cinderella joins a competition for resurrection. Her challenge is to become sushi and avoid being eaten by giant, live-action people with animesque eye masks and being killed by other spirits. The weakest sushi people die from being eaten or killed by the most skillful. One of the sushi people is a man who wishes to see her daughter again, dressed up as a rice ball. As Devil and the prince try to cure Cinderella, their dangerous acts inflict pain on her during the challenge; the first method of healing almost gets her eaten. She saves as many weaklings as she can by beating up the enemies. Trying to defend the rice ball from evil, the needles weaken her. The rice ball tries to help her but thinks of his daughter, so he leaves Cinderella to be stabbed.

But when this almost happens, the opponent gets stabbed through the chest by another opponent, a tempura, who splits in half from being too brittle. Cinderella escapes being eaten again, which is thought to be cheating, but she is not the only one to survive this. A group of intelligent babies, or "dwarfs", split up from their single costume, and knowing their secret the rice ball attempts to kill them. Cinderella stops him by catching his weapon and electrocutes him from the shock therapy. The rice ball is eager to kill them because they will be "banished to the bottom of hell" anyway. Another dose of shock therapy shocks not only the dwarfs, the rice ball and Cinderella but the next person to catch her. The father does not give up until a dwarf blasts a chunk of his head off with a gun, killing him. Not only has this bullet killed the father, it has also passed through Cinderella.

However, just as the dwarfs are about to make it to the door, Cinderella, still bleeding, stops them. She pulls up their gun at one of them, but shoots the air, leaving everyone startled. "Can we ignore all?" she says. "Can we do anything even if the result is the same?" In response, the remaining challengers avoid the obstacles set up to try and kill them and make it to freedom without killing each other.


Part 6

Devil and the prince make it to the hospital, or so they think it is until they discover that it is just a small cartoon studio where animated characters are being filmed. The producer, who is just the director's thumb with a face drawn on, welcomes them to the "Daydreamworks animation company" and introduces herself as "Thumbelina". The production is a thousand-episode series called "Healing Hands". Because there is no real medication, the prince and Devil attack the director until a talking plank of wood named Mr. Pinocchio, the boss of the studio, arrives in a flying iron under concern that they do not want to make a film. The prince and Devil laugh at how ridiculous the situation is until one of the director's living, naked dolls, a Puppet Force, beats them up. The director, who appears to have vampire-like fangs, is about to eat the prince until a decapitated doll is thrown at his mouth. Cinderella has finally woken up and beats him up, rescuing the prince.

Mr. Pinocchio commands the rest of the Puppet Forces to attack them, so the prince leaves Cinderella to take care of them. When she does so, a baby doll punches her repeatedly, capturing her and throwing her onto the iron, which Mr. Pinocchio flips over before she hits it, burning her. In Transformers fashion, is turns into a robot with a knife and the surface as its shield, blowing off steam at Cinderella, who is tied and lifted up by the lead. The prince stands on two legs ready for action, and Devil looks to be more than ready.


Part 7

But when he looks like he is going to punish Mr. Pinocchio, Devil instead begs kindly to let Cinderella go, promising that he and the rest will play a part in the the films. The Devil plays a god and the prince his pet pig, having to go through many takes before they are experienced enough. In the studio's club, Cinderella is trapped in a jar and the prince is sick of living in this place. He cannot escape, however, as a humanoid wearing a plastic bag over his head advises him to stay because any escapers will be punished severely. The prince escapes anyway but is caught by a frog, who is not only the club's stripper but is also revealed to be the Frog Prince.

After Cinderella is freed and marks his tongue with a chili pepper, the paper bag man, whose name is Mr. Ugly, is baffled that she is in love with a pig. The three heroes are surrounded by baby dolls and left to hang with the most humiliating marker work possible drawn on their faces. The prince figures out a plan to escape right before they are cleaned and served as script checkers and actors. The roles the prince and Cinderella play are supposed to be brothers and sisters, but their script modification is clearly an attempt to get them married, so it seems like incest to the director until he figures that the movie is intentionally bad anyway so does not make any further modifications to the script.

During filming, Cinderella spots the Frog Prince slaughtering an orange and gets the dialogue wrong. She starts to give off a speech on how much she loves the prince, acting as herself, remembering a discussion she had in hell. Mr. Pinocchio can clearly tell that she wants to escape, and turns out to have employed the dwarfs, who reveal to be the Seven Dwarfs. The prince also vents out the truth about his love and leaves the set on a prop cloud. Devil helps him and Cinderella out by throwing his prop spear to stop the fan. They escape through the fan and land on a basket, hiding in a box of sushi that the director takes into his room. When he is gone, a white girl crawls into the box and takes them somewhere safe. This girl is Snow White.


Part 8

Snow White tells the gang about what happened to her and many other fairy tale characters; they were all zapped by a pink light and transported into a studio where they are to be used for animation. Cinderella knows that Devil's wand can get them back to their own world, but this leaves him feeling nervous. Snow White suggests they buy a wand from the Little Match Girl, a plump, cigar-smoking dealer dressed in American dollars. However, the wands are too expensive. "Matchy" raises the price because she prefers to stay in the real world, a better place than where she was in her original story.

Desperate to get the amount of yen needed, Afro attempts gambling. The whole gang fails. Matchy will never give her money away, because without it she will starve some more and finally die. Cinderella, however, sees the greed in Matchy and wants to play a game at the highest rate possible. Matchy sets up a game of roulette that puts the others on a spinning wheel, which Cinderella has to throw a knife at on the red zones without crossing the yellow line in order to win. This will mean killing her friends.

At that moment, the Seven Dwarfs arrive to get their money back from Matchy, who attempts to get rid of them by dropping a television onto them. The dwarfs are too powerful to have it crush them to death, though, and drop it on Matchy. Cinderella saves Matchy at the last second, leaving everyone unharmed, but is not able to save the money. The dwarfs reveal that they won the race, and that Cinderella was given one last chance by the judge to go to the real world until she has to return to hell. Cinderella gets revenge on the dwarfs by shooting them with a peanut decorticator. Matchy helps her blast them away with a more explosive device, but will not give the wand away for free. This causes Cinderella to win the game of roulette without killing anyone. The gang takes the money and pays for the wand.


TV movie

In 2012 a TV movie based on the shorts was previewed in a trailer, but there has been no other news since.

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