The Bagel and Becky Show

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The Bagel and Becky Show is a 2017 Canadian/British animated comedy series about a dog and cat who have wacky adventures. The show is created by Dave Cooper, who also co-created Pig Goat Banana Cricket.

Dig Your Own Hole (S01E01a)

Election Destructionation (S01E03a)

Mayor Torgo bribes Bagel with a canon full of food.

It Ain't Easy Bein Grease (S01E04b)

Adventures in Bagel-Sitting (S01E06a)

Just after Old Man Jenkinsbot arrives, Becky fills Bagel with whipped cream straight from a canister.

Declawbotomy (S01E10a)

When Bagel declaws Becky she loses her memory and personality. Bagel tries to "improve her" by teaching her to act just like him which includes eating three whole stacks of pancakes in one bite, which makes her the shape of the stacks.

Fur Yer Eyes Only (S01E13a)

Becky eats the rest of Bagel’s fur and gets a big belly until she spits it out.

Holy Hydrant (S01E16a)

Bagel uses the bamboo into plug up the Egyptian Hydrant the is flooding the museum and drinking from it after water shoots out of it. He becomes massively bloated and flies all over the place.

Out of Tune (S01E18a)

Bagel gets a big belly when he eats a man.

Pancake Panic (S01E18b)

Bagel gets a minor bulge in his belly after he ate a stack of burnt pancakes.