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Taffy is a French slapstick cartoon series produced by Adobe. It focuses on the hostile dynamic of Bentley; a protective Doberman, and Scraggs; a raccoon who has infiltrated his owner's house by posing as a housecat named Taffy.

License To Kale (S01E13)

Mrs. Muchmore orders that everyone in her house must eat kale and vegetables, after she thinks she became fatter. Forsythe however hides all the meat into a secret place. At one point he eats some steak and becomes visibly bloated. Taffy sees him eating and he later gorges on all the meat, making him big and fat.

Raccoon Day (S01E15)

Bentley to the Jungle (S01E23)

After Bentley loses his memory, he thinks he is a raccoon, like Taffy, and starts stuffing himself with food.

A Star Is Born (S01E32)

At the beginning of the episode, Taffy stuffs himself with caviar.

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