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Sometimes I think about what would happen if a content creator finds that their work has a page here. I remember it happening before, and they took it in stride, as if it didn't bother them much. But I still worry that it may cause some kind of negative effect. With the way some people act on the internet, viewers getting the wrong ideas and being inappropriate and such, this seems pretty likely to me. What if the creator is given the wrong impression about people like us? What if they decide to quit their work because of how someone acts? I would hate to be the reason that came about, and yet I choose to keep adding stuff here. I don't believe it would be my fault, but it's a nagging feeling that makes me think it will be one day. That must be the price to pay for being an admin on a site like this. I don't really expect anyone else to have similar thoughts, but you're welcome to share if you do.

Posted by Door73 (administrator) on 19 December 2020 at 23:45.

Considering that Disney shows their new creators porn of their own characters and tell them to expect that, what our site is about seems trivial in comparison to a lot of other stuff.

Posted by Wargo-686 on 20 December 2020 at 00:36.

Its likely that they don't care about stuff like this. Besides it's not like a average person would immediately think that a Wikipedia page keeping record of expansion in media exists, I didn't know either back in 2015/2016. But keep in mind that fetish and porn art exists but obviously there too busy or don't care about stuff like that existing. Unless they are the type who gets piss off and demands the site to removed the fetish and porn artwork of their character. Were safe anyways because this site has screenshots of OFFICIAL MEDIA not a archive wiki of foot fetish art or anything.

Posted by Mr.Kaka on 20 December 2020 at 05:51.

" Disney shows their new creators porn of their own characters"

Is that actually a thing? Im curious about this, is there any way to look up more info on that, or is that just an urban legend?

Posted by on 20 December 2020 at 10:57.

Bringing this back for a moment. Turns out the creator of Nurse Hitomi's Monster Infirmary knows about this site and their work's page here. They put up two images with a note to see if we would put stuff here without permission. I'm only putting the one they did permit to be respectful. Don't know what this will mean regarding the actual manga.

Posted by Door73 (administrator) on 17 September 2022 at 17:25.

Are they asking to remove their work?

Posted by In The Corner on 17 September 2022 at 19:01.

I don't think so. At most, it seems they just want people to buy it legally instead of reading and sharing it through reposts. They do need to make a living, after all.

Posted by Door73 (administrator) on 17 September 2022 at 19:36.

It can feel a little intimidating from time to time. I once considered posting some strips from a certain webcomic, but after seeing how frequently the author used the TM and copyright symbols across the site and in the comic footers themselves, I made the educated guess that they probably would find the wiki page by searching and try to get the strips taken down, Fair Use or not; therefore, I decided against making the entry.

Posted by Morbiose on 17 September 2022 at 21:28.

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