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[#1365] Recently the VK account for the Nu Pogodi 3D reboot show posted this image of an inflated Volk and it made me wonder if the new 2 upcoming episodes have any expansions.

I have watched all the episodes from Season 1 and the 10 that were from season 2 in another site. There are 2 upcoming ones in the OKKO site where I watched all the seasons of 1 when they were allowed to be watched without a subscription and VPN before Season 2.

Posted by Eggnog-Warrior on 17 September 2023 at 00:53.

Oh man. I'm looking forward to this! I love Volk!

Posted by FangAutumn on 17 September 2023 at 01:54.

Hmm, seems like the OKKO site I talked about that had 2 new episodes weren't the ones I was hoping for.

The reason I say this is because this site shows two new episodes that are completely different than the ones uploaded to OKKO Hoping these are the episodes that have any expansion scenes if anyone has access to the episodes here.

Posted by Eggnog-Warrior on 21 September 2023 at 00:19.

I did take a look and even made an account for it, however, I found that you need to pay for a subscription to actually use Kartina TV. There does seem to be a decent amount of episodes listed though and it seems to be updated frequently, so if anyone has the cash to pay for it, it's definitely an option.

I also found that, if you search Nu Pogodi on YouTube, you'll find that it is being uploaded officially on there, but I'm not sure if they're episodes from the previous season or not.

Regardless, it seems likely that we might have to wait a little bit until the episodes aren't behind a paywall and are able to be accessed freely.

Posted by JoeTheEnglishOtter on 21 September 2023 at 04:19.

One of the sites I use is this so until the new episodes I found in Kartina TV are there, we will have to wait.

Posted by Eggnog-Warrior on 21 September 2023 at 13:41.

This is probably a better site because I noticed that it lets you view the episodes without going through the paywall. I think it's some sort of Russian/Ukraine kimcartoon or something...

Posted by FangAutumn on 25 September 2023 at 21:42.

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