Shovel Knight Dig

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Shovel Knight Dig
ShovelKnightDig BoxArt.jpg
Genre Platformer
Dungeon Crawler
Platform Nintendo Switch
Playstation 4
Apple Arcade
Developer Yacht Club Games
Country United States
Release date September 23, 2022

Shovel Knight Dig is the third entry in the Shovel Knight series of games (not counting the additional campaigns that make up Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove). Unlike its original counterpart, Dig focuses on downward descent through randomly generated dungeons, rather than traditional side-scrolling platforming. The player controls Shovel Knight, who goes after Drill Knight and the Hexcavators after they steal his loot.

Spore Knight is the first boss that is encountered in the game. One of her attacks consists of inflating herself, then shooting her mushroom cap at the player.