Safety Sheriff Labrador

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Safety Sheriff Labrador is a Chinese-American animated web series produced in May 2022 as part of the BabyBus children's content platform. The series follows the canine police officers Sheriff Labrador and Officer Dobermann as they protect the animal citizens of Forest Town and teach them helpful life lessons.

Don't Overeat

Little Donkey ignores his sister's warning about eating too much and starts eating too many snacks in the middle of the night.

False Advertising

Dr. Antel sells an addictive drink that causes bloating and hair-loss to anyone who drinks too much of it.

A Watermelon is Growing in My Tummy

Dr. Antel tricks the children by spreading a rumor that swallowing watermelon seeds causes a watermelon to grow inside their stomachs.

Later on, she hides herself inside a large watermelon that she eats her way through.