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RoboRoach is a Canadian animated cartoon from 2002. A cockroach named Rube is caught by humans and experimented on, but he is saved by his brother Reg. After jumping into an electrical outlet, Rube gains robotic abilities. He then becomes the superhero of Vexburg, only using his powers for good and not for personal gain, which upsets Reg from time to time.

Reg Bugs Out (S01E01a)

Rube unwittingly squeezes Reg's oxygen tube, inflating him after letting go.

Fitness Bugs (S01E03a)

Reg becomes so out of shape that he can't even lift the TV remote, so Rube puts him on a workout regimen.

Rube Awakenings (S01E10a)

Rube gives Reg a turkey dinner to help him fall asleep, though he undoes it by giving him coffee instead of milk.

Battling for Überbucks (S01E10b)

While competing on a game show, Rube turns into a vacuum and sucks up bug spray to save the other contestants.

Guilty Please (S01E17b)

Reg tries to get thrown in jail with a dine and dash.

Sluggies (S01E20a)

When the Sluggies multiply out of control, Rube gets a large number of them out of a building by sucking them up.

Prehistoric Pest (S01E22b)

After Rube and Reg accidently travel back to prehistoric times, Reg decides to smuggle an egg to the present by swallowing it.

Of Lice and Men (S02E06b)

Rube releases Doris, who turns out to be a locust, and she eats all the crops.

Reggie's Heros (S02E08a)

No Pain No Weight Gain (S02E18a)

In this episode, Rube and his brother Reg watch an advertisement about how to look fit. Reg wants to be like Borrin in a Flash, who is an actor and mascot of ''Squisy Cheese'' in the advertisement. But, he needs to be fat to join and be a new mascot of Squishy Cheese.

When Reg weighs out by Rube, it says 250 pounds. Reg complains about being more fat than this. And then Reg eats some sackful junkfood which is increases his body more fatter than ever. Rube and Reg sett of the place where is Squishy Cheese's nominee of new mascot cribration.

After Reg and Rube comes place, they learns nominees are must fit and slim. Reg forcing himself to be get rid off weights and when juries sees him he looks so hard to stop. And the juries shows their old mascot, which is named Borrin in a Flash and Rube and Reg surprised. The juries says need to be fat but Reg looks fit and slim. Reg forcing himself to be fat and as resulf he fats up.