Rayman (series)

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Rayman (series)
Genre Platformer
Platform Multiplatform
Developer Ubisoft
Country France
Release date 1 September 1995 (first release)

Rayman is a platformer game series created by Michel Ancel for Ubisoft, its first installment being released in 1995. It also caused the production of the Raving Rabbids franchise. There was even an animated series, but it was cancelled after four episodes. The game series features the titular character Rayman, a limbless being who fights to protect the world he lives in, with some aid from his friends.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape

After Rayman defeats Jano, he has the option to take the Elixir of Life or the treasure. If he chooses the treasure, Jano sends him to a desert island where he becomes fat, getting a game over.

Rayman Origins/Legends

Box art for Rayman Origins

In these games, every time a player character or an enemy gets hit, s/he gets "bubblized".

Playable characters (Origins)

Enemies (Origins)

When fighting the boss El Stomacho, he bloats as the battle goes on.

Box art for Rayman Legends

Playable characters (Legends)