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ThePuppeteer Pack EN.jpg
Genre Platform
Platform PlayStation 3
Developer SCE Japan Studio
Country Japan
Release date September 5, 2013

Puppeteer is a 2013 video game platformer for the PlayStation 3, directed by Gavin Moore and developed by SCE Japan Studio. It stars Kutaro, a puppet boy who wields an enchanted pair of scissors and can exchange his head for a variety of other objects, and Pikarina, the temperamental daughter of the Sun.

In Act 5, Curtain 1, Kutaro and Pikarina explore a Halloween-themed forest filled with enchanted cakes and candies. The villainous Monkey lures them into a trap, charming them into devouring an entire candy house and becoming too fat to oppose him. Kutaro works his weight off by rolling through the next stage, 5-2, gradually growing smaller until he's back to normal. Afterwards, Pikarina, upset at being the only one who's still fat, steps out of the character and threatens to call her agent and lawyer unless she's allowed to slim down between scenes.