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Pucca is a Canadian Flash-animated series created by Boo Kyoung Kim and Calvin, based on the franchise created by South Korean company Vooz. It ran on Jetix from 2006 to 2008. The series follows the adventures of young ninja Garu as he tries to escape Pucca, a girl who is madly in love with him.

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TV series

Noodle Round the World (S01E01b)

Garu manages to defend the world's longest noodle, which is tied to his waist. Tobe tries to take just before he makes it back to the village, but Pucca tricks him with a snake that swallows him whole. After Garu makes it back, he is pulled around the world back to Pucca, who has grown large from eating the noodle, resulting in another unwanted kiss.

Flower Power (S01E03c)

Pucca takes a flower, not knowing that it's a ninja-eating plant, and tries to give it to Garu. The flower eats Abyo and Ching, who are stuck inside it until Pucca frees them.

Them Bones (S01E05a)

Pucca uses Garu as a balloon to enter the Halloween party.

Noodle to the Stars (S01E13b)

In a space-themed episode, space pirate Muji eats the never-ending noodles, with dire consequences.

Four Alarm Fire (S01E21c)

Pucca swallows an entire lake in order to defeat the giant Fire Goblin.

Sooga Size Me (S01E23c)

A Texan couple opens up a restaurant that fattens up almost everyone in Sooga.

Garu Down Under (S01E25a)

While in Australia, Garu comes in contact with poisonous things (emus, a tree, an electric fence, and a koala).

Fab Abyo (S02E10a)

After Abyo becomes the chosen one, he goes soft and gets a little fat, similar to the previous chosen one.

Web series

The Trouble Of Chocolate (S01E22)

Two cats knock an ingredient into Pucca's chocolate that causes everyone to swell up and float in the air. The original Garu also inflates when his shadow clones don't.

This is what happens when you bully her. Stupid Garu!