Pororo the Little Penguin

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Pororo the Little Penguin is a Korean CGI television series created by Ocon Animation Studios and Iconix Entertainment. It has been airing on EBS from November 27, 2003 onwards.

The series features Pororo and his animal friends who live in the village of Porong Porong Forest, face challenges and learn lessons.

Flying Poby (S03E20)

Poby wants to fly, like Tongtong, so the latter casts a spell on him that causes him to fly and cannot get him back down. Tongtong tries another spell but ends up inflating Poby instead.

Eddy's Wonderful Hat (S07E09)

Eddy inflates when Tongtong casts a spell on him to make him fly.

Mysterious Magic Forest (S07E21)

Loopy bloats up after eating a bit of berries from the bush while at the forest, Later as a bee, Eddy eats one berry and inflates in order to fart at the wasps.