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Pencilmation is a web series created by Ross Bollinger. It was originally a personal project in 2004, but gained popularity in 2009 after it was uploaded to YouTube. While it started out with him as the sole creator, he later recruited other people around the world to help produce the series. The premise is living doodles going about their lives, made more difficult by the Pencil that changes things up.


To Beard or Not to Beard

The doodle without facial hair gets fat after eating a giant burger.


When the doodle becomes a mosquito, it sucks the blood from an unseen being. It then falls and is turned into a cow.

The Workout

The mirror's reflection of the little blue man portrays him as fat, even after a bit of exercise. He adds protein into the mix, but ends up getting fat for real.


The perfectionist tries to reinflate the title, but the marker pushes on it, forcing the air back into him.

Mario Gets Fat

Mario gains weight after getting a burger, but becomes thinner than before after going through a pipe. Then both he and Princess Peach become fat at the end.

A Fishy Fable

Pencilmate accidently overfeeds his fish, causing it to grow huge. After attempting to get it in a body of water big enough, it goes back to its normal size. Then a rabbit eats the fish food and grows huge also.


Butt of the Joke

After flattening Pencilmate, the Pencil uses a pump to fix him, but then goes further and makes him fat.

Puddle Puzzle

The Pencil shoots water into Pencilmate's mouth after absorbing the puddle.

Cast Awry

Pencilmate hallucinates that the Pencil is a hot dog and takes a bite out of it.

Fridge Over Troubled Water

Pencilmate gorges on food after the fridge finally gives him some. The thumbnail also shows him eating the Pencil.

Sick Flick

The Pencil gives Pencilmate a pill that cures his cold, but he gets swollen as a side effect.

Chopsticky Situation

In the thumbnail for a compilation video on the Pencilmation Live channel, Pencilmate is full from eating dumplings.

Easter Egg-Scapade

Pencilmate swallows the second chocolate egg he finds whole.

Love Burps

Pencilmate drinks an entire stack of soda the Pencil drew for him, but his uncontrollable burping drives Pencilmiss away. The thumbnail also shows Pencilmiss bloated and gassy. The thumbnail of a later compilation video shows Pencilmate hooked to an IV bag filled with soda.

Breezy Peasy

The gust of wind tries to blow out the fire on Tall Guy's house, but ends up making it worse.

All That Litters Is Not Gold

A mother bird feeds her chick the can that Pencilmate left on the ground.

Children of the Popcorn

The thumbnail shows Pencilmate large from eating popcorn.

Preggers Can't Be Choosers/Belly Idol

Pencilmiss appears to be pregnant, but it turns out she just needed to use the toilet. The thumbnail shows her stuffing herself with burgers.

Pasta Point of No Return

The thumbnail for a compilation video on the Pencilmation Live channel shows Pencilmate eating pasta and other food from a conveyor belt.

Drip Off The Old Block

When Pencilmate tries to tell Granny about the leak, he falls and gets a face full of water.

Pie Hard

Pencilmate makes the pink Pencil keep drawing him pies, eating them until he explodes. The thumbnail also shows a giant Pencilmate about to eat Pencilmiss.

Bride and Gloom

During Pencilmate and Pencilmiss' marriage, Pencilmiss gains weight from the stress of having so many children.

Setting the Bar Low

An unused thumbnail has Pencilmiss drinking something dispensed by a red pencil.

Buzzer Beater

The mosquito that was bothering Pencilmate bites him and the others, and flies away bloated with their blood.

Reaper by the Dozen

The reaper tries and fails to get Pencilmate several times, once by getting eaten by a carnivorous plant.

Ghost of Christmas Presents

The thumbnail shows Pencilmate having taken a bite out of a gingerbread man.

Neither Hair Nor There

Pencilmate's donkey eats Pencilmiss' hair after he pulls it off.

Face Oddity

The thumbnail for a compilation video shows Pencilmate with a repulsive reflection, unlike the one Pencilmiss has.

Hansel and Regretel

A witch lures Pencilmate and Pencilmiss to her candy house as a trap, but it backfires when they eat everything she has. The thumbnail also shows Pencilmate bloated from sweets. The thumbnail for a video on Pencilmation Live shows him eating doughnuts to regain health.

What Goes Pup Must Come Down

Pencilmate uses a potion that turns him into a dog.

Turn That Crown Upside Down

The thumbnail shows people bringing food to Pencilmate, who is a gluttonous king.

Gingerbready or Not

When gingerbread men take over the town, Pencilmate becomes a superhero to stop them, mostly by eating them. The thumbnail for a compilation video shows Pencilmate having eaten a gingerbread man, to another's shock.

Easter Egg-Cess

Pencilmate dances around his house eating hidden chocolate eggs, clearly going overboard.


Pencilmate has gotten fat and decides to become a sumo wrestler by eating junk food. His first opponent gets him to try healthy methods, which makes him lose the weight.

Jail Mouse Rock

A mouse helps Pencilmate try to escape prison in exchange for cheese, eating it in one bite.

Don't Give A Dam

Pencilmate tries to hide that he ate an apple from the forbidden tree. Later, Pencilmiss has eaten all of the apples by herself.

Pretty Fly For A Pencil Guy

Pencilmate ends up sounding like a fly after swallowing one, and swallowing other animals to fix it makes him sound like them. After eating many animals, he eats a bomb that gets them all out.

Do It Yourselfie

The thumbnail shows Pencilmiss getting mad at a fat Pencilmate for faking his picture.

I Know What You Did Last Number

Pencilmate leaves a Chinese restaurant after eating his fill. The thumbnail of a compilation video shows him performing a dine and dash.

License and Sensibility

An alternate thumbnail shows Pencilmate as a fat cop.

Geese Lightning

After failing to migrate like the geese to escape the cold, Pencilmate chooses to hibernate like a bear instead and eats all the food in his fridge.

Campfired Up

Pencilmiss' version of a scary story ends with Pencilmate having eaten too much.

In Lifeguard We Trust

An alternate thumbnail shows Pencilmate trying to drink the ocean to save Pencilmiss.

At My Zits End

The thumbnail for a compilation video shows a grody Pencilmate looking in the mirror.

Owl Night Long

An alternate thumbnail shows Pencilmiss finding Pencilmate and Mini-Pencilmate both fat and asleep.

Big Miscake

Pencilmate repeatedly disguises himself to get free birthday cake at a restaurant, and he gets fat because of it.

The Collector

Pencilmate accidently squishes a bug and revives it by using CPR.

Signal and Void

The thumbnail shows Pencilmate getting out of shape while ignoring the city's call.

Bippity Boppity Bummer

After being flattened by the door and trampled by her sisters, Pencilmiss inflates herself back to normal.

The Fountain of Doof

An elderly Pencilmate finds what he believes is a fountain of youth and drinks all the water.

What's Syrup Doc?

The thumbnail shows Pencilmate engorged with syrup.

Failure to Lunch

Despite hanging on to his sandwich to not fall, Pencilmate can't resist eating part of it, and he is bloated when he lands.

Veg of Allegiance

The thumbnail shows Pencilmate fat from eating meat, whereas Pencilmiss has muscles from eating vegetables.

Vending Over Backwards

Pencilmate climbs into the vending machine to get the snack he wants, then eats nearly everything inside.

Chlorophyll Harmonic

The thumbnail shows that a watermelon has grown inside Pencilmate.

Run of the Treadmill

The thumbnail shows an exercising angel Pencilmate and an unhealthy devil Pencilmate.

Helter Shelter

Pencilmate stocks a bunker with food, but after eating so much while doing so, he grows fat and gets stuck inside. Pencilmiss, Mini-Pencilmate, and Tall Guy remove him and lock him out just before the disasters hit. Fortunately, Pencilmate survives due to his bulk, and the others also get fat from eating.

Ice Creamed

The thumbnail shows Pencilmiss chowing down on ice cream.

You Thumb Drive Me Crazy

Pencilmate's baby eats his toast.

Perfume Dollars More

Pencilmiss gives Pencilmate mouth-to-mouth after pulling him out of the water.

The Disc Jerkey

Pencilmate swallows the cake and punch he was eating just before he starts dancing.

Park for the Course

A River Runs Drive Thru It

An alternate thumbnail shows Pencilmate having eaten lots of food.

Drive Me Daisy

Pencilmate treats Pencilmiss to a picnic, but lets her start eating while he goes to find a flower for her. In the end, Pencilmiss has eaten just about all the food by herself, and Pencilmate gets stung by a swarm of bees.

The Devil You Grow

After seeing how abnormal his crops are, Pencilmate decides to just eat junk food.

Sandy Cheeks

An alternate thumbnail shows Pencilmate who is fat for some reason.

No Harm Done

Pencilmate's near-indestructible robot explodes when its self destruct button is pressed.

Pencilm8er Boi

Duty Calls

Pencilmate has to pee badly, but is forced to hold it for three hours while Big Guy is in the port-o-potty.

Something Sinks

The thumbnail shows a fat Pencilmiss sitting and farting on Pencilmate.

Can You Tailor Me Higher?

The thumbnail shows a guard from Squid Game having gotten incredibly fat.

Enlighten Up, Man

Pencilmate's spirit eats food from the kitchen, causing his corporeal body to bloat.

Better Inflate Than Never

Pencilmate tries and fails to blow up an inflatable mattress with his breath.

Camo Flawed

The thumbnail depicts an alternate take on Don't Give A Dam, one of the included shorts, where Pencilmiss is again stuffed with apples.

The Speed of Hound

The Pencil gives a large bone to the dog, who swallows it whole.

Cash Me if You Can

The thumbnail shows Pencilmiss making Pencilmate eat sandwiches from a conveyor belt.

Mythtory of the World

Ancient Egypt

Upset that the slaves keep building his temple wrong, the pharaoh feeds them to the crocodile one by one.

The Hank Hanky Show

Unpopped Popcorn

Hank tells the caller she can send him any leftover popcorn.

Don't Know How to Swim?

Hank suggests the caller avoid swimming by lying that he is allergic to water, but realizes the human body is 80% water.