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PaRappa the Rapper is a video game first released in 1996 and is considered to be the first of the rhythm game genre. It was created by music producer Masaya Matsuura and artist Rodney Greenblat. Aside from video games, the series also has comics, an anime, and other forms of merchandise. The title character is a young dog who wishes to impress his crush, a flower named Sunny Funny. He accomplishes his tasks by believing in himself and rapping with different mentors.


Um Jammer Lammy

UmJammer Lammy Cover PAL.jpg

A 1999 spin-off game that takes place in the same universe as PaRappa the Rapper. It follows Lammy, a shy guitarist who tries to make it to her band's performance on time.

At the beginning of Stage 3, Lammy eats enough pizza to make her stomach bloat, and Cathy Piller mistakes her for being pregnant.

RodneyFun Comic Collection

RodneyFun Comic Collection cover.jpg

The comic book series was released in 2000 and only has five short books in it. Each comic focuses on a certain character. The fifth one is about a new character named Square E. Bear, who isn't really related to the series in general.

PJ's Dreamland (Book 1)

PJ eats too much of Sunny's vegetarian garden stew, which causes him to have a bad dream.

Sunny Funny's Polite Garden Party (Book 2)

Sunny cooks some odd dishes for her tea party. PJ eats too much of it, while PaRappa gives his share to the squirrel and bunny.

TV series


The anime was produced around the same time as PaRappa the Rapper 2. A slice-of-life work, it follows PaRappa and his friends, characters both from the games and original to the anime. Unlike the games, however, PaRappa doesn't rap.

Is This the Sigh of Love? (E04)

PaRappa is full from lunch.

I Smell Bananas (E10)

Gaster and Groober kidnap baseball player Schmidt and keep him under control with bananas, his favorite food.

That Was Pretty Heavy (E11)

After enduring hardships and having no food, Matt, PaRappa, and PJ find a restaurant and eat as much as they can.

Leave It to Jonathan the Policeman! (E21)

Julia, the missing pet cat of Chief Roberts, has somehow gotten very fat. It turns out that she ran away because of the lousy food Roberts gave her, and she gained weight from eating so much of Susie's food.

You're Saying You Can't Sleep?! (E25)

PaRappa imagines that PJ might grow so large that he will eat planets.

I Won't Hand You My Heart! (E28)

The witch sends a giant Christmas cake as a trap for PaRappa, but Gaster and Groober eat it completely before it can do anything.

PJ Berri no Mogu Mogu Munya Munya


Translating to "PJ Berri's Munching Mumbling," this series of anime shorts was released in 2016. It celebrates the franchise's 20th anniversary, as well as the TV show's 17th anniversary. It centers on PJ, who often gives advice to others in his sleep.


In PJ's dream, his clothes don't fit because he gained weight.


PJ dreaming about eating doughnuts is the answer to the dream quiz.