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Ox Tales (also known as The Tales of Boes' Gang, げらげらブース物語, and Geragera Būsu Monogatari) is a Japanese-Dutch animated series based on the ongoing comic strip Boes, created by Wil Raymakers and Thijs Wilms.

It originally aired for one year from April 1987. It revolves around Ollie the Ox and Jack the Turtle, owners of a farm inhabited by every creature currently living.

The series ran on the Japanese network TV Tokyo from April 7, 1987–March 29, 1988. It consists of 102 15-minute episodes, which were usually transmitted as 51 half-hour shows of two episodes each.

Come and Get it! (S01E03b)



A Fish Tale / A Fish Story

The Nest Making Contest / Fowl Friends

Under the Weather

Everyone's Oxercising

In an attempt to get stronger, Ollie wants to arm wrestle with Edward. When Ollie grabs Edward's trunk, it holds back a bunch of air, inflating Edward.

A Game of Mouse and Cat / A Cheesy Situation

Calvin attempts to eat Morris out of the goldfish bowl but all that he swallows is the water, leaving his belly bloated.

Jumpy Baby

A Rabbit Tale

Hush Baby Elephant