Old MacDonald Had a Dragon

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Old McD Had a Dragon.png
Author Ken Baker
Illustrator Christopher Santoro
Publisher Two Lions
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Old MacDonald Had a Dragon is a strange new take on the old nursery rhyme, Old MacDonald Had a Farm. Written by Kevin Baker, this new adaptation imagines what would happen if old Mac Donald decided to keep a dragon on his farm. Leading with the dragon, MacDonald begins to sing his song before immediately being interrupted by the cow. The cow argues that dragons don't belong on the farm, but MacDonald argues it's his farm and he can have whatever he wants on it. After threatening to leave, the dragon swallows the cow whole and this cycle is repeated with all the other animals. MacDonald becomes furious when the dragon eats his dog, but he quickly gets eaten as well for kicking the dragon. Finally, MacDonald finishes the song inside the dragon with all of the animals dancing along. The dragon gets a stomachache from the dancing and releases everyone from its stomach before leaving the farm for good.