Oggy and the Cockroaches

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Oggy and the Cockroaches
Genre Comedy
Developer Jean-Yves Raimbaud
Production company Gaumont Multimedia
Xilam Animation
Country France
Original run September 6, 1998 - January 30, 2019

Oggy and the Cockroaches is a French slapstick cartoon series created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud and directed by Oliver Jean-Marie. First produced by Gaumont, it originally ran from 1998 to 2000. After its acquisition by Xilam, it was revived and ran again from 2008 to 2019. It also gained a sequel series (Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Generation) and a spin-off series (Oggy Oggy). The show is about a cat named Oggy and the three cockroaches who regularly pester him: Joey, Marky, and Dee Dee.

Original Series

The Patient (S01E06)

Dee Dee drinks a whole bottle of milk.

Happy Birthday (S01E10)

Jack inflates himself with helium to save Oggy, who was tied to balloons and about to fall. The cockroaches later pops Jack with a needle, sending him flying across the room and ends up deflating on the floor, with his face and mouth comically stretched into resembling the shape of a balloon mouth.

Nine Months And Counting (S01E18)

The cockroaches inflate Oggy's belly while he sleeps, and he thinks he became pregnant after waking up.

Fishing Frolic (S01E26)

Oggy and Jack return to their boat, only to see a fat Dee Dee laying in a basket.

Globulopolis (S01E33)

Joey stuffs Marky with whipped cream. Later, Marky drinks a whole glass of water.

Space Roaches (S01E37)

Marky devours a fish and Joey eats a whole jelly cube.

Bugball (S01E56)

Joey swallows a ball.

The Piggy Bank (S01E58)

The cockroaches drink three whole glasses of water.

Loony Balloons (S01E73)

The cockroaches inflate from a hot-air balloon.

Perpetual Motion (S02E13)

Jack inflates Joey with an inflatable rabbit. Later, Joey sucks the yolk from an egg with a bendy straw.

Saving Private Dee Dee (S02E15)

Dee Dee sucks juice from a tomato.

Laughing Gas (S02E16)

Jack inflates himself to prevent Oggy from hitting the wall.

High Flyers (S02E21)

Dee Dee tries to make Marky fly by inflating him.

Lost in Space (S02E24)

The cockroaches inflate after getting out of a spaceship.

Working Cat (S02E25)

At one point, a man gets fat from the food he has eaten.

Soldier for a Day (S02E30)

Oggy falls into the water and sucks all of it.

Warning! Boa on the Run! (S02E34)

A snake, specifically a boa, drinks water from the sink.

Walls Have Ears (S02E42)

Oggy passes through a square chair. Joey mildly stabs it with a fish bone, causing Oggy to inflate.

What a Dump! (S02E60)

Joey drinks a bottle of radish juice while Dee Dee eats a salami.

All Out of Shape (S02E86)

Jack inflates clay figures of the cockroaches, causing the real cockroaches to also inflate.

Night Watchmen (S03E03)

The cockroaches inflate after drinking nuclear waste.

Priceless Roaches (S03E17)

Joey drinks ink.

Termite-ator (S03E20)

The cockroaches fill themselves with cans of choucroute garnie.

Fancy a Pizza? (S03E28)

Joey stuffs himself with ketchup.

Oggy’s Double (S03E37)

Oggy inflates Joey using his diving tank.

Dee Dee’s Diet (S04E04)

Dee Dee eats a large quantity of food and becomes fatter than he is. A few minutes later, after he loses weight, he gives food to Joey and Marky and they both end up gaining weight. At the end of the episode, Dee Dee eats a sausage and becomes fat again.

Airship House (S04E07)

Olivia’s Pimple (S04E18)

Oggy sets up a trap on Dee Dee by setting up a trail of sausages.

Grease-Monkey Oggy (S04E41)

Oggy inflates himself with some air after the cockroaches flattened him between Bob's car and the ceiling.

Steamed Out! (S04E58)

The episodes begins with Jack, Bob and Oggy having a buffet. They decide to build a sauna and lose weight. However, at the end of the episode, the three end up gaining weight again.

Shoplifting (S04E73)

Oggy and the Tramp (S05E17)

Oggy-Sumo (S05E54)

Laughter Forbidden (S06E02)

Remaster of "Laughing Gas" episode.

Oggy and the Cockroaches: Next Gen

A Day Out (E2)

Marky and Dee Dee become stuffed with honey from a beehive.

Passion for Fish (E8)

Piya helps Oggy catch a fish by sucking up all the water in a lake.

Timber! (E38)

Piya inflates herself to keep Oggy from discovering that his favorite tree was destroyed.

It Wasn't Me (E65)

Oggy imagines that Bob will inflate Piya into a ball after she confesses that she popped Kevin's basketball.

Dargaud Comic

Oggy et les Cafards Tome 3: Bip… Bip… Bip… (Le poids des mots…)

Oggy glues a printed piece of paper on his weighting scale to make him feel skinny. Joey writes a number superior to his weight, causing Oggy to become fat.