Oggy and the Cockroaches

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Oggy and The Cockroaches is a Xilam cartoon series created by Jean-Yves Raimbaud in 1998 and directed by Oliver Jean Marie.

Happy Birthday (S01E10a)

When celebrating Oggy's birthday party, Jack inflates himself with helium, then the cockroaches sneaks in and pop him, sending him flying all over the house. He, then falls down, deflated and his lips ended up shaped like an untied balloon knot (despite being popped in his body).

Nine Months And Counting (S01E18c)

Oggy thinks he's pregnant when he wakes up, but Joey, Marky and Dee Dee blown his belly up, and Oggy doesn't know about this until Jack shows up.

Globulopolis (S01E36c)

Laughing Gas (S2E16)

Jack inflates himself to prevent Oggy from bumping into his wall.

Fancy a pizza? (S03E28)

Joey stuffs himself with ketchup.

Airship House (S04e08)

Oggy inflates Joey with helium, causing him to float to the ceiling. When he flies toward the air vent, Marky and Dee Dee pop him, sending him bouncing all over the room. Marky and Dee Dee laughs in amusement as Joey hits a wall on their side.

Grease-Monkey Oggy (S4E41)

Oggy inflates himself with some air after the cockroaches flattened him between Bob's car and the ceiling.

Shoplifting (S04E73)

Oggy-Sumo (S5E54)

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