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Morph is a franchise of British claymation short films created by Peter Lord at Aardman Animations, originally appearing as segments on the late Tony Hart's programme Take Hart in 1977. The title character later appeared on his own spin-offs as well as Hart's follow-up series, Hartbeat, followed by SMart, which did not involve Hart.

Classic clips

Pudding Time

Having accidentally flattened Morph, Chaz inflates him back to shape but overdoes it, making him round.

Card Trick

Chas is caught cheating in a game of poker, and eats all the iced buns he and Morph were betting with.

Brand New Morph

Hiccups (S01E08)

Morph tries to hold in his hiccups, which sends him ballooning up into the air.

Retro Morph


Chas Inflated After when He Tried To Blow up the red balloon.

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