Monica's Gang

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Monica's Gang
Monicas Gang logo.jpg
Genre Comedy
Creator Mauricio de Sousa
Publisher Abril
Panini Comics
Country Brazil
Original run 1960 - present

Monica’s Gang (alternatively known as Monica and Friends) is a Brazilian comic books franchise originally created by Mauricio de Sousa in 1960.

Spanning several printed works and even animated features, the series follows the day-to-day life or fantastical adventures of four children with iconic personalities: Monica, the feisty main protagonist, Jimmy Five, a young boy with a notable speech impediment, Smudge, a messy kid who refuses to bathe, and Maggy, a girl with a tremendous appetite.


Mônica (1970-Present)

Canine Robustness Contest/Concurso de Robustez Canina (Mônica Abril No. 025)

Monica and the Silly John/Mônica e o joão bobo (Mônica Abril No. 051)

Monica has an inflatable bopping toy named Silly John. When Cebolinha tries to inflate it, the air blown back into him and got inflated himself.

Monica and the Terrible Cremilins/Mônica e os Terriveis Cremilins (Mônica Abril No. 180)

Jacob Milao's Challenge/O Desafio de Jacó Milāo (Mônica Abril No. 194)

Barraguinha (Gibihinzo da Mônica Globo No. 030)

After eating tons of food, Magali has put on a lot of weight and Cascão helps her find ways to slim her down again. Note: That episode begins in the second half of this video. The First half is her pretending to be pregnant, but does have a full stomach at the end of that story.

Mônica Globo No. 045

A Boy on Wheels/Um Menino Sobre Rodas (Mônica Globo No. 222)

When a new kid moves into town, Mônica and Magali discover some clues that he might be a fat giant with a pet snake.

Cebolinha (1971-Present)

The Journey of Jimmy Five/Jornada Do Cebolinha (Cebolinha Abril No. 090)

After failing to rescue a runaway droid (and got his ears tweaked during the process), Cebolinha meets Mr Spock and travels with him into an alternate universe where the roles and appearances of him and his friend have been reversed, including Magali being incredibly fat.

Chico Bento (1982-Present)

Ai Paixão/Oh Passion (unconfirmed)

In the Guinness Book/No Livro Guinness (Chico Bento No. 251

Mango with Milk/Manga com Leite (Chico Bento Globo No. 258)

Too Heavy/Pesado Demais (Chico Bento Globo No. 359)

Chico has put on some weight after eating a treefall of fruit.

Cascão (1982-Present)

Magali (1989-Present)

Almanac Comic Strips

Restless Sleep/Sono Agitado (Globo, Gibizinho da Magali 07)

Magali couldn’t sleep she dreams of nothing but food. So, she raids the refrigerator for a midnight snack, ending up with a full stomach and a nightmare shortly afterwards.

My Owner/Minha Dona (Magali Globo No. 001)

The first issue of Magali's comics tells a story of how she adopted a scrawny ally cat (who would be later be named Mingau or Vanilla in English).

Comic Strip (Magali Globo No. 001)

Magali quickly hides a watermelon from Cebolinha by swallowing it whole.

Appetizing Pumpkin/Abóbora Apetitosa (Magali Globo No. 021)

Maggy eats Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage parked outside her house.

That Everything you Want/Que Tudo Você Quiser (Magali Globo No. 048)

Toddy's Father informs him that all this food giving to Maggy would have her all fattened up, causing Toddy to imagine her girlfriend as a big fat monster.

Rental Belly/Barriga de Aluguel (Magali Globo No. 056)

Maggy and Junior work out a deal for Maggy to eat all of Junior’s food from under his table so he doesn’t have to eat and she can have as much food as she wants, not heading her mother’s warning that eating too much will make her gain weight.

Magali Globo No. 083

Maggy has a full stomach after eating all the fish her father has been fishing.

Chubby, Me?/Gorducho eu? (Magali Globo No. 106)

Toddy worries that he’s becoming chubby from hanging around Maggy so much and all the food she’s often near.

At the Fair/Na Feira (Magali Globo No. 119)

Maggy’s mother tries to control her inaccessible appetite when they were going shopping at the fair. But after buying so many groceries, it became much difficult to carry the heavy trolly. So Maggy helps her mom by scarfing it all down. Leaving an empty trolly and Maggy’s full stomach.

Maggy and the Snow Princess/Magali e a Princesa da Neve (Magali Globo No. 135)

A young snow princess (Who bears an uncanny resemblance to Magali) is fed up with living in her snow kingdom and eating nothing but fish and ice. So, she decides to magically switch places with her and Magali and scarfs down every morsel of food as much as the real Magali. However, unlike the real Magali, her gluttony not only caused her to gain weight but lose her magic snow powers due to the topical weather. Forcing her to come back to the snow kingdom, but not without a little parting gift from Magali.

The Obese Princess/A Princesa Obesa (Magali Globo No. 181

Magali’s mother tells a story of a young princess (Played by Magali) who would rather stuff her face with food than going out to play or finding a new prince. Her constant overeating made her grow bigger and fatter over time.

Comic Strip (Magali Globo No. 378)

The refrigerator needs more room and Magali’s happy to help.

My Cute Love/Meu Fofo Amor (Magali Globo No. 394)

An overweight alchemist named Mefista scientifically switches her metabolism with Maggy’s, causing Maggy to become overweight while Mefista becomes slim. However, when her fiancée Quimério visits her for a date, he is disappointed to see her in this new figure, as he thought she was all the more beautiful when she was fat. Heartbroken, Mefista reverses this experiment, so she and Maggy revert to their old selves and her relationship with Quimério is healthy once more.

The Hungry Peasant/A Camponesa Comilona (Magali Panini-2015 No. 004)

In medieval times, Maggy the peasant girl is cursed by an angry witch since she ate all the witch’s food. The curse causes Maggy to gain weight from eating the food at a fancy ball.

Parque/Turma da Mônica (1993-Present)

What Belly/Que Barriga (Parque da Mônica Globo No. 047)

Chuck gets a huge pot belly after stuffing himself with a tree full of fruit. So his friend Zeke helps him reduce his weight by doing a ton of chores.


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