Marmaduke (2022 film)

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Marmaduke (2022 film)
Genre Comedy
Directed by Mark Dippé
Production companies One Cool Animation
Andrews McMeel Entertainment
Legacy Classics Family Entertainment
Release date May 6, 2022

Marmaduke is an American computer-animated film based on the comic strip series of the same name originally created by Brad Anderson. Produced by One Cool Animation, the film was exclusively released on the Netflix streaming service in May 2022. The film's premise focuses on the titular Great Dane and his various antics with his suburban human family. Marmaduke catches the attention of a skilled dog trainer, Guy, who aspires to turn him into a prize-winning show dog.

During the first local dog show, Zeus shows Marmaduke to the buffet tent; tempting him to indulge himself right before the contest. After eating most of the food, Marmaduke becomes heavily bloated and gaseous.