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Genre Adventure
Developer Eryk Casemiro
Cyril Deydier
Production company Zodiak Kids Studio France
Country France
Original run 2017 - present

Magiki is a French-Italian preschool series that premiered in 2017, based on a set of collectible figurines made by DeAgostini. It follows a young girl named Billie, who is sometimes mistreated by her older twin sisters. When this happens, she goes to the magical land of Magiki where she is a princess, her best friend Truman is her royal guard, and her toys are alive. A problem often occurs because of the twin princesses (who look like Billie's sisters), so Billie finds a solution that also applies to her real-world problem.

The Frog-otten Ring (E03)

When Bunny Cuddles tries to cuddle the alien visitor, the alien puffs him up.

No Big Deal (E35)

Bunny Cuddles touches a spilled potion that makes things bigger.