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Madman is a comic book superhero created by Mike Allred, who owns the series independently. The character was an ordinary man who died in a car accident, but he was brought back to life by a pair of scientists. The procedure gave him supernatural abilities, which he uses to fight crime. Madman is also allied with the Atomics, a group of beatniks who were mutated by alien spores, getting superpowers as a result.

For the Record (Creatures of the Id, 1990)

Foooomp!! (Madman 20th Anniversary Monster!, 2011)

His Space Holiday (It Girl and the Atomics #6, 2013)

The World Is Flat, Part One (It Girl and the Atomics #7, 2013)

Stop As You Meant To Go On (It Girl and the Atomics #12, 2013)