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The Little Audrey comic books, based on the Famous Studios character, ran from April 1948 to May 1952. These were followed by Playful Little Audrey, following the character's licensing by Harvey Comics, which originally ran from 1957 to 1976 and was considered more successful than the theatrical cartoons and St. John Publications' earlier comics.

A Windy Story (Playful Little Audrey #87, 1969)

Audrey dreams that inhaling air has made her lighter, but also fat.

Just Imagine (Playful Little Audrey #116)

Audrey and Bobby wanted to create their own comic starring themselves. However, Bobby isn’t impressed that Audrey does great things while he gets to do hard stuff. So, Audrey imagines herself granting Bobby’s wishes. He wishes for many desserts. So much, that he went stuffed and falls asleep. Audrey sees Bobby sleeping in real life, questioning whether the story she told came true or not.

The Fantastic Fountains (Playful Little Audrey #118, 1975)

In Audrey's dream, she goes to use the Fountain of Youth after using the Fountain of Aging. The signs are blown away by the wind, so she can't tell which fountain is which. One of the fountains she tries to get back to her younger self is the Fountain of Fatness.

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