LEGO Monkie Kid

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LEGO Monkie Kid
Monkie Kid Logo.png
Genre Action
Developer Simon Lucas
Production company Flying Bark Productions
Country Australia
Original run June 13, 2020 (Malaysia) - present

LEGO Monkie Kid is an Australian-animated TV series based on the LEGO toy-line theme of the same name. The show was produced by Flying Bark Productions and first began airing exclusively in Malaysia in June 2020. Inspired by the iconic Chinese story, Journey to the West, the show’s premise follows the adventures of a reckless young boy gifted with the ancient powers of the fabled Monkey King after finding his legendary staff. Using these powers, he and his friends work together to defend their city from the Demon Bull King.

Duplication (S01E02)

One of Monkie Kid’s clones made to handle his delivery routes becomes tremendously fat after eating all the orders instead of delivering them.