Kid vs. Kat

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Kid vs. Kat
Genre Action
Developer Rob Boutilier
Production company Studio B Productions
DHX Media
Disney XD Europe
Country Canada
Original run October 25, 2008 - June 4, 2011

Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian cartoon series created by Rob Boutilier that aired on YTV in Canada and Disney XD in the USA from October 2008 to June 2011. It is about the costant battles between 10-year-old boy Coop Burtonburger and his adopted cat named Kat, who turns out to be a highly intelligent alien that loathes him.

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Pet Peeved (S01E13b)

While under Harriet's care, Kat hogs all the cat food for himself.

Fishy Frisky Business (S01E15a)

All of the Fishy Frisky Bits Kat stole fall to the ground after Coop stops him from sending them home on a balloon. Kat eats most of it, becoming very fat and half as tall as the grocery store.

Fat Kat (S01E21b)

Kat will gain weight instantly whenever he eats 'human' food no matter what the amount. Following the events of Fishy Frisky Business, he is ordered to send more Fishy Frisky Bits back home for failing to conquer earth and as a side plan before time runs out. Kat decides to eat 'human' food to curb his cravings and gains more and more weight each time.

Dad and Millie want him to exercise the fat away, but Coop knows that Kat will not be able to attack him when he is overweight. However it turns out that Kat can lose the weight just as fast as he gains it. So he needs to make sure Kat stays fat by feeding him.

Kickin' Butler (S02E13a)

Coop is forced to wait on Kat so he will fix a portal device and bring back Dennis, including making him a tall sandwich.

Turn the Other Cheeks (S02E16a)

Millie practices for her fist-aid badge on Kat. She practices CPR and inflates him.

Strange Kat on a Train (S02E17b)

Millie leaves numerous dishes of Fishy Frisky Bits for Kat while the family is away, but Honey Fluff eats them all herself.