Johnny Test

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Johnny Test
Johnny test2.jpg
Genre Science fantasy
Developer Scott Fellows
Production company Warner Bros. Animation
Cookie Jar Entertainment
DHX Media
Country United States
Original run September 17, 2005 - December 25, 2014

Johnny Test is a 2005 animated series created by Scott Fellows for Kids WB and Cartoon Network. It focuses on the life of Johnny Test, the younger brother of genius twins Susan and Mary Test, as he tests their various inventions.

A revival of the series with an updated art style and most of the original cast and crew was released on Netflix’s streaming service in July 2021.

Original Series

Dog Days of Johnny Test (S01E10a)

Dukey eats an entire plate of cookies that Susan and Mary made for Gil.

Johnny's Got a Brand New Dad (S02E03b)

The kids create a replacement dad who allows Johnny and Dukey to eat all the candy they want.

Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny (S02E04a)

To use the Saturday Repeater machine, Johnny does some tests for his sisters, the first of which makes him bigger.

Johnny Mint Chip (S02E04b)

Dukey gets trapped in a tub of ice cream and is in danger of freezing forever. Johnny, Susan, Mary, and some taste-testing monkeys try to find him by eating it all. When they can't find him, Johnny assumes they accidentally ate him, but Dukey reveals that he already got out.

Phat Johnny (S02E05b)

A glandular formula meant to make Johnny muscular causes him to bloat instead. He then becomes a rapper.

Johnny Bee Good (S02E12b)

The Test kids get potbellies after eating all of the junk food.

Here Johnny, Here Boy (S03E03b)

Johnny gets turned into a dog and steals a bunch of sausages from a butcher shop.

Johnnyitis (S03E07a)

Johnny wants to make himself look sick to avoid a test at school. He ingests an unstable isotope to give him the appearance, but it will also make him explode after bloating and coughing.

Johnny X: A New Beginning (JX6-a) (S03E13a)

Brain Freezer eats an entire pot of chili with extra beans. But because he currently has the power poot ability, this literally backfires on him.

Tom and Johnny (S04E08b)

Johnny, turned into a mouse, uses an air pump to inflate Mr. Mittens, then a heater to make him float away.

Johnny Get Yer Gum (S04E09b)

Johnny tests the gum his sisters created, starting with Skinny Gum, which has the opposite effect. He uses it again later during the climax.

iJohnny (S04E13a)

Johnny and Dukey eat fifty dollars worth of pizza.

Johnny Cakes (S04E21a)

The smell of the pancakes Johnny is making for his mother's birthday attracts a group of lumberjacks, who force their way into the house, eat the enormous pancake Johnny made, then threaten him with axes to make more.

Johnny's Ultimate Treehouse (S05E07b)

Johnny, Dukey, and Gil use the sandwich cannon in Johnny's newly-built treehouse.

Johnny on the Clock (S06E01a)

The Test kids have an ice cream dinner.

The Johnny Who Saved Halloween (S06E13a)

Johnny in Charge (S06E14b)

Johnny with a Chance of Meatloaf (S06E22a)

To save his kids, Hugh gets his living meatloaf to defeat the living spaghetti.

2021 Netflix Revival

Johnny Test
Genre Science fantasy
Developer Scott Fellows
Production company WildBrain Studios
Country Canada
Original run July 16, 2021 - present

Johnny’Mon Go! (S01E06)

Blast Ketchup’s Bonbonmon swells up during its Bonbon Bomb attack. Dukey also quickly inhales before unleashing his Toxic Tail attack.

Johnny Test's Ultimate Meatloaf Quest (Netflix Interactive Experience)

If fro-yo is selected during the first interactive choice, Johnny stuffs Dukey with a beam of frozen yogurt.

Johnny'Mon Go! Again (S02E10)

Dukey uses his Toxic Tail attack again.

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