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Inkagames is a latin video game page on which many popular characters from both real life and animation gets involved in many situations, most of them involving Pigsaw from Saw series.

Paris Hilton Scary Game

If Paris drinks the frog soup instead of the pumpkin potion, she will blow up until popping and dying, otherwise, if she drinks de pumpkin bottle, she can't be damaged in a minute by Mickey Myers, after talk to him and offers him the bottle, he will drink it and get the before mentioned result.

Paris drinks the Frog Soup (Wrong way)

Mickey Myers drinks the Frog Soup (Right way)

Justin Bieber Saw Game

If Justin goes to the McDonalds place without setting a trap before, Ronald McDonald will feed him with an obvious result.

El Chavo Crazy Haunted House

A termite stuff himself by eating the two evil trees from the entrace to the witch of 71's castle.

Later Milo from The Mask stuff himself after eat an entire skeleton.

Obama Crazy Escape

Milo eats (again) an entire skeleton becoming stuffed, this time you can grab him once more to give him to Ronald McDonnalds who will give you the door's password if you find a friend to him.

Donald Trump Saw Game

Tazmanian Devil gets fat after he ate all the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Tacos" after their weapons were catched by a big magnet.

Later a termite eats the entire ladder to avoid Ghostface could get you getting stuffed in the progress.

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