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EGS Horace PaulHelmanSeanScapelhorn S2-860x1148-a11dc8a7bf502e5fdef6cc62271302db.jpg
Genre Platform
Platform Microsoft Windows
Nintendo Switch
Developer Paul Helman
Sean Scaplehorn
Country United Kingdom
Release date July 19, 2019

Horace is an indie video game developed by Paul Helman and Sean Scaplehorn with 505 Games as publisher. It was released on Microsoft Windows in 2019, and a Nintendo Switch port was released the year after. The player controls Horace, a robot who becomes the newest member of a wealthy Old Man's family. Their lives together are generally good until the Old Man suffers a heart attack and Horace subsequently shuts down. When he reactivates years later, Horace sees the world ruined by war. He sets out to reunite his family and make things right again.

In Alice's house, Horace will find and eat cake that inflates him temporarily, allowing him to float past dangerous terrain.