Gunbird 2

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Gunbird 2 is a sidescrolling video game created and published by Capcom, the game has been portrayed to Sega Dreamcast in 2000 and later avaible for Android/IOS since 2016.

Hei-Cob's Solo Ending

If you choose the "Make everyone fat" medicine, he will go on his magic carpet spreading the medicine with an obvious result.

Marion, Hei-Cob's Team Ending

Marion decides to be the kind of woman that Hei-Cob likes so she drank one of The Elephan God's medicines making her become the perfect lady for Hei-Cob: A big girl.

Tavia, Hei-Cob's Team Ending

Tavia's mom gets fat by drinking The Elephant's God fat potion to make her "healthy" like Hei-Cob.