Grizzy and the Lemmings

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Grizzy and the Lemmings is a French computer-animated series produced by Hari Productions.


it premiered on Boomerang on the fall of 2016.

The series follows Grizzy, a bear living in a log cabin at a Canadian nature reserve, and a group of Lemmings, who constantly interfere with his everyday life resulting in shenanigans, reminiscent of Tom & Jerry.

Thirst Quencher (S1E14)

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Grizzy and the lemmings get bloated from a rain cloud they summoned flooding a gondola lift that they landed in.

Mind in a Whirl (S1E26)

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Grizzy's love interest, after getting hit on the head for the last time, thinks she's a bird and takes his air tank in order to fly.

Construction Bear (S1E40)

Grizzy is tripped by the Lemmings who then inflate him with a leaf blower and send him flying.

Lemmings Indigestion (S01E50)

The Lemmings are introduced to some strange beans. When mixed with soda it causes them to bloat up with gas. Later, Grizzy used the same soda to save himself from a high fall by drinking and inflating as well.

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The Bear That Laid Golden Eggs (S01E53)

In retaliation for a Lemming popping his balloon, Grizzy inflates them with a helium tank. The other Lemmings' resistance sends him falling to the ground and the tank inflates a nearby bird, resulting in high-speed hijinks.

Warning: Unlimited Lemmings (S02E30)

Upon seeing the Lemmmings use a magic sign to conjure things just by drawing on it, Grizzy wants it but they stop him by drawing a circle around his body, temporarily inflating him and then causing him to deflate and fly about.

Hulking Lemmings (S02E76)

In a bid to kick out the Lemmings, who had taken over his home with the aid of a blowup sumo suit, Grizzly trains himself to be a sumo wrestler, fattening himself on sushi.

Diving in The Wild (S03E14)

A bird pecks into the duck flotation device which Grizzy uses to breathe underwater. Because of this, his blows through the hose inflate the bird until it's sent flying away deflating.

Polar Super Star (S3E35)