Get Blake!

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Get Blake!
Genre Comedy
Developer Antoine Guilbaud
Production company Marathon Media
Nickelodeon Productions
Country United States
Original run March 2, 2015 - October 30, 2015

Get Blake! (originally Blake and the Aliens) is a French-American television series that premiered in 2015. It follows the adventures of Blake Myers, a boy who will become a space ranger in the future and defend the world from the Squaliens, who are alien squirrels. To prevent their defeat, three Squaliens are sent to the past to capture Blake and keep him from achieving his destiny. Now Blake and his best friend Mitch have to avoid getting caught by foiling the trio's plans.

Get Inked! (E01b)

Mitch, whose brain was switched with a penguin's, accidently switches brains with Jerome, causing the penguin's body to look more like the Squalien's.

Get Pizza! (E02a)

Maxus and Jerome eat lots of pizza from Blake's new pizza business.

Get Prehistoric! (E02b)

In prehistoric times, Mitch is swallowed by a snake, but is saved by the cavewoman version of Skye. Afterwards, when the boys try to get the caveman version of Rodrigo to invent wheels, Mitch puffs himself up to convey that they need to be round.

Get Amnesia! (E04a)

As the amnesiac Blake and Leonard take their "fun montage" to the park, Mitch tries to stop them, but gets eaten by the shark from the beach again.

Get Squirrels! (E09a)

Leonard plans to use his Balloonzooka on Blake, but accidentally shoots a bird, then Blake and Mitch reflect the blast back at the Squaliens. Later, after Blake takes control of the hypnotized squirrel army, Leonard uses the Balloonzooka on himself, Maxus, and Jerome to escape. However, the squirrels prick them with acorns.

Get Weasel! (E20a)

Zorka blows into an instrument Rodrigo made and somehow inflates from it.

Get Zombies! (E24a)

Blake and Mitch inflate themselves to stretch out their clothes, which they use as rope to escape the zombies.