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This article contains images that may be inappropriate or unsettling for minors. Please read with caution.
Genre Adult
Developer Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Production company The Curiosity Company
20th Television
Country United States
Original run March 28, 1999 - present

Futurama is an animated science-fiction sitcom by The Simpsons creator Matt Groening. Following the adventures of hapless delivery boy Fry, cyclops pilot Leela, and beer-swilling robot Bender after the former is cyrogenically frozen and wakes up in the 31st century, the series was canceled and resurrected twice over the course of its sporadic 1999-2013 run, airing on FOX, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block and finally Comedy Central.

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TV series

I Dated a Robot (S03E15)

One of the Liubots gets stuck to a fire hydrant and fills up with water until she bursts.

Later on, the gang's attempt to stop the remaining Liubots is thwarted when they swallow the popcorn seeds. Fry's Liubot saves the day by aiming the movie projector at the Liubots, making the popcorn pop and causing them to explode.

Anthology of Interest II (S04E08)

In the first segment, I, Meatbag, Bender experiences life as a human after testing Professor Farnsworth's new reverse fossilization machine, which can turn metal robots into flesh-and-blood life forms, and eventually gains over a thousand pounds. Unfortunately, he dies afterwards.

Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles (S04E09)

The gang try to make Professor Farnsworth younger by using age-reducing tar, but an accident happens and they all end up covered in it. The tar changes their bodies to exactly match how they looked when they were younger; because of this, Amy is fat again.

The Sting (S04E12)

In one of Leela's dream sequences, Amy and Hermes are stung by bees, causing them to burst.

Three Hundred Big Boys (S04E16)

Farnsworth's girlfriend April removes her special treatment and reveals herself to be fat when he reveals himself to be old.

The Prisoner of Benda (S06E10)

Farnsworth wants to get into a good shape seeing a photograph of Amy's fat junior self, so they switch bodies so that Farnsworth feels youthful and Amy can help him gain weight.

When Bender steals her body, Amy uses Leela's body to get a discount at the theater and digest her food but also pig out on all the high-calorie foods she usually denies herself, fattening up until, according to Hermes, she "makes Fat Albert look like Regular Albert." Amy agrees to take Hermes' body so he can lose Leela's weight.

Later, Farnsworth bloats up briefly in Bender's body when he swallows a bomb at a circus.

Decision 3012 (S07E03)

Bender Drinks a lot of beer, making him bloat.

Viva Mars Vegas (S07E12)

In a heist to steal money from the Robot Mafia, Amy orders an invisable Zoidberg to eat a metal case and 300 pounds of cash.

Naturama (S07E13)

In one of the stories, a bird version of Amy gets eaten by a snake.

Saturday Morning Fun Pit (S07E19)

A girl in a commercial for Purpleberry Puffs gets affected by the high-calorie cereal.


Futurama: Into the Wild Green Yonder


Futurama Comics
Genre Adult
Creator Matt Groening
Publisher Bongo Comics
Country United States
Original run November 22, 2000 - present

...But Deliver Us to Evil! (#2, 2000)

Nibbler saves the crew from execution by eating all the Upsilons and burping strongly enough to short-circuit the bonds.

Trading Spaces (#72, 2014)

After Leela saves the Nimbus from a black hole, President Nixon fires Zapp Branigan and puts Leela in charge of the Nimbus. After a week of being in charge, the power goes to her head and she starts sending the crew of the Nimbus on dangerous (suicide) missions while she sits in the command chair eating nachos and pizzas. After a few more weeks, she has gained a bit of weight and has pretty much turned into Zapp.