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Freaktown Poster.jpg

Freaktown is a 2016 Canadian animated series and the first production by Portfolio Entertainment's then-new animation studio. It takes places in a town that is home to all sorts of monsters and mutants. Ben Bones and his friends Lenny and Priscilla often protect their home from Princess Boo Boo, the ruler of Sweetlandia who wants to make Freaktown cute like the rest of her kingdom, and her teddy bear mayor Lord Cuddles.

Nap Trap (E02b)

Dare Ya! (E06b)

The group eats an entire house made of candy.

The Fluff Stuff (E09b)

Barfrrritos (E11b)

Magic School (E12b)

The Sweet Outdoors (E21b)

Mind Over Chatter (E22b)

Toe Jam Jam (E26a)

Bistro Blitz (E26b)