Fraidy Cat

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Fraidy Cat
Genre Comedy
Developer Don Townsley
Production company Filmation
Country United States
Original run September 6, 1975 - January 3, 1976

Fraidy Cat is a cartoon that was a segment on the short-lived 1975 show Uncle Croc's Block. It is about an unfortunate cat who is down to the last of his nine lives. In addition to his misery, if he says a number between one and eight, it summons the ghost of one of his previous lives, who inadvertently makes his situation worse. Saying "nine," however, brings a storm cloud that shoots lightning at him.

It’s a Dog’s Life (E09)

When Fraidy jumps inside of a dog show’s cafeteria, he eats all of the contestants’ food. His stomach shrinks down to normal size when he is caught.