El Chavo Animado

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El Chavo Animado is a Mexican Flash Animated series that aired from 2006-2014.

Historias de Terror (S02E2)

When Quico explains to Chavo and Ñoño he got grounded for two days without watching TV, Ñoño suggest him that he should owe one of the two days of grounding to Mrs. Worthmore (Doña Florinda), with Quico imagining himself 20 years later paying his debt with an overweight Doña Florinda being seen watching the TV.

Come Suben los Alimentos! (S02E4)

Junior (Ñoño) got obese for for a brief moment while Chavo says that it's his fault after he called Professor Girafalde (Profesor Jirafales) "Professor Sausauge". (Maistro Longaniza).

El Hombre Invisble (S02E9)

Mr. Raymond (Don Ramon)'s stomach briefly bloats after sipping the disgusting drink (just after he pretended he saw the invisible man).

Don Ramon Lechero (S02E11)

Chavo imagines himself obese after Popis tells him not to drink all the milk.

El Chavo Y El Lobo (S03E5)

The wolf came into the neighboorhood and ate all of the snacks.