Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

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A cartoon produced by Hannah-Barbera and created by the duo of Joe Ruby and Ken

Dynomutt, Dog Wonder

 Spears about a cybernetic dog called Dynomutt and his billionaire master the Blue Falcon. Together, they fight crime and foil many a villains nefarious plans. However, Dynomutt is not the brightest or most coordinated, and often causes many goof ups and blunders before they can save the day.

The Queen Hornet (S01E9)

Dynomutt stuffs himself full of every conceivable piece of equipment he and the Blue Falcon might possibly need in case of an emergency.

Lighter Than Air Raid (S01E15)

A villain called the Human Blimp creates a ray that inflates people, making them fat and float like blimps. Once his plans are ready, he is able to transmit the ray via broastcast towers, affecting anyone in "Big City" listening to the radio or watching TV and leaving the cops unable to stop his crime spree.

Beastwoman (S1E17)

Dynomutt is sucking all the water from that cloud that make him water bloat.